Friday, July 16, 2021

Five rules for choosing good pet names

Pet Names: 5 Rules to Pick a Good One

Pet names are important, and picking a good name should be easy. But too many people worry about it, and often end up with a name which is inappropriate, at least in the long run. It amazes me how many people stress out about this, and even more how many people pick simply inane names! Here are 5 quick rules to help you pick a name.

1) Don't pick names that might offend anyone. For example, don't name your bulldog Molly if your friend Molly looks remotely like a bulldog! And off color names or using swear words for names may be amusing for a while, but the amusement of having a dog names, for example, Penis, wears thin quickly! trust me on this one, I know!

2) You cannot name your pet until you meet it. You might for example choose the name "Butch" or " Mary" and when you meet your pet find it's inappropriate. If you'd like, have a list of possible names you like, but go no further. Picking and being insistent on a name before meeting your pet is simply insane.

3) New pets can have their name changed constantly until you find the right one. My cat, originally name "Abigail," went through several nicknames the first couple months until we all settled on "Cho-Cho." It's not like you need to file papers or go before a judge simply because you want to call your iguana "Bear" instead of "Gertrude."

4) Reusing names may be ok, but it generally isn't. You probably don't want to name your monkey after your funny uncle Chet for example. It may be funny now, and Chet may laugh, but it can easily be painful if Chet passes away and the name is too well established to change. And names of loved ones who passed away may be bad choices as well. naming your dog Mortimer after your dear great grand uncle who passed away for their similar wonderful traits like faithfulness and eating just about anything may be wonderful until your great grand aunt visits! She may not see the honor in your dogs name.

5) Your pet, your name. There are no rules, just guidelines above. If you like the name and it works for you, that's fine. You do not need to please anyone else, however you may want to avoid insulting friends and loved ones. Remember you can always change their name later.

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